Where can I buy Korkers?
Korkers are available at a wide variety of outdoor and work related retailers. We strongly recommend trying a pair of Korkers on at your local dealer to ensure a proper fit prior to purchase. To search for a store near you, use our store locator.
What sizes and widths does Korkers offer?
We offer a variety of different sizes designed to fit men and women. Each product is designed to maximize fit, function, and comfort. Please refer to a specific product page on this site for an accurate sizing description.
Do Korkers come in wide sizes?
Korkers boots and shoes tend to run on the wider side of average, however due to the many components necessary for our OmniTrax® interchangeable sole system, we do not offer a separate wide sizing option in our footwear.
Do you offer a warranty with your products?
Korkers warrants all footwear uppers for a one or two year period (depending on style) from the date of purchase. For more specific information on Korkers Warranty or to register your product click warranty.
What is Korkers Return Policy?
Purchased from Korkers.com
Products purchased from Korkers.com can be returned within 30 days of the purchase date, if they are in their original condition – unused, with all included sole/accessories, all original tags attached, and in their original packaging. A refund of the product cost and taxes will be issued to the original method of payment upon receipt of returned product. Shipping and handling charges for the delivery and return shipping will not be refunded. Proof of purchase may be required. Items should be returned in a condition that can be resold, including protecting the original packaging/boxes whenever applicable. Korkers branded packaging/boxes must be wrapped in an external barrier – either another box or shipping plastic wrap – to protect the packaging. Incorrectly wrapped or handled packaging will be subject to re-packaging charges, if necessary. All sales outside of the United States and Canada are FINAL, and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Purchased from authorized Korkers retailers
Products purchased from an authorized Korkers retailer should be returned to the selling retailer. If, for any reason, they are unwilling to accept your return, please contact us directly.

Korkers Return Portal: http://www.korkers.com/pages/returns
How does the OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole Technology work?
OmniTrax® Technology is a patented design of OmniTrax Incorporated. The system is made up of four unique locking points that securely fasten an interchangeable sole to the bottom of your Korkers shoe or boot. For more information on how the system works click here.
How can I learn more about OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System?
Visit our technology page for the OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System for more information and to view a video demonstration. Learn more.
What are the differences between your interchangeable fishing soles?
Check out our Sole Comparison charts for detailed strengths of each sole. Sole Comparison Page
How does the Boa® Lace System work on your boots and ice cleats?
The Boa® Lacing System achieves a micro-adjustable, glove-like fit via three key components: a knob, spool, and lace. Turning the high-grip exterior knob activates the internal spool which then pulls the ultra-durable Boa® lace with remarkable closure force. The combination of the low-friction lace and lace guides creates a uniform closure that is free from pressure points and automatically conforms to the demands of your feet, activity, and terrain. Constructed from aircraft grade, stainless steel, the Boa® lace is gram-for-gram stronger than tank armor and easily sheds water, mud, ice, or any kind of river muck. Finally, the Boa® Lacing System is secure: once you set the dial to your desired tension, you're off and don't have to worry about the laces coming untied all day. Learn more about Boa.
How durable is the Boa® Lacing System?
Extensive testing - both in the Boa® lab and in the field by over 300 field testers - has validated the durability of the Boa® Lacing System in the most demanding of environments and in the most rigorous of activities. It is hardly a surprise that the Boa® Lacing System routinely outlives the footwear on which it is used. The Boa® lace itself is gram-for-gram stronger than tank armor and specifically designed to endure environments where grit and grime are the norm. Finally, the Boa® Dialed In for Life™ Guarantee further ensures the Boa® Lacing System laces and guides for the lifetime of the product. In the extremely rare event of a lace break, athletes simply tie three very tight knots (necessary due to the low friction of the laces); the lace will then hold until you return to the trailhead or car at the end of the day.
How do I clean and preserve my Korkers?
Each Korkers product uses different materials and can be cared for in different ways. However, all Korkers products can be cleaned using warm water and soap. Dry all products in a cool area, do not put them in the dryer. Avoid storing your products in hot places or places exposed to direct sunlight.
How do I get my Korkers gear repaired?
Many repair parts for Korkers gear can be purchased on-line. You can find repair parts online by selecting one of the following categories: FISHING | OUTDOOR | WORK. Most of these parts can be purchased at the same retail shop where you originally purchased your Korkers. If you believe the product falls within our warranty guidelines, please fill out the warranty claim here.
How do I replace the cleats on my Ice Commuter, Ice Walker, and Ice Runner Cleats?
Korkers Ice Commuter, Ice Walker, and Ice Runner cleat frames are made using a very durable TPU material. The TPU material should not only provide years of long-lasting use, but it also holds our ice-biting studs firmly in place. While this is generally a benefit, it does make replacing studs more difficult than our stretch fit ice cleats. Please review our video which details the removal and replacement of studs. Watch here.

If your question hasn't been answered by any of the above answers, please feel free to contact us directly. The easiest means of reaching Korkers is use our contact us form. We can also be reached via phone at 503-723-7100 or toll-free in the USA: 800-524-8899.

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