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New Women's Polar Vortex 1200™ Women's Polar Vortex 1200™

Starting at $239.99

Polar Vortex 1200™ Polar Vortex 1200™

Starting at $239.99

Polar Vortex 600™ Polar Vortex 600™

Starting at $229.99

Men's Snowmageddon™ BOA® Men's Snowmageddon™ BOA®

Starting at $209.99

Women's Snowmageddon™ BOA® Women's Snowmageddon™ BOA®

Starting at $209.99

Men's Neo Arctic™ Men's Neo Arctic™

Starting at $199.99

Women's Neo Arctic™ Women's Neo Arctic™

Starting at $199.99

Neo Storm™ Neo Storm™

Starting at $179.99

Neo Storm™ Camo Neo Storm™ Camo

Starting at $189.99

Women's Northlake Zip™ Women's Northlake Zip™

Starting at $189.99

Women's Southlake™ Women's Southlake™

Starting at $169.99

Men's Alpine Chelsea™ Men's Alpine Chelsea™

Starting at $159.99

Women's Alpine Chelsea™ Women's Alpine Chelsea™

Starting at $159.99

All Axis™ Shoe All Axis™ Shoe

Starting at $129.99

Women's All Axis™ Shoe Women's All Axis™ Shoe

Starting at $129.99

Women's Swift™ Sandal Women's Swift™ Sandal

Starting at $119.99

Swift™ Sandal Swift™ Sandal

Starting at $119.99

Dial in the perfect fit

Featured on select Korkers products; the BOA® Fit System creates a connected, secure fit that’s built to perform in the toughest conditions.


Our approach to sustainability is multi-faceted but fundamentally begins with creating quality, long-lasting products. When your sole inevitably wears out, just clip on a new one and keep your uppers out of the landfill.

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Korkers Outdoor
Boots Features

  • Customizable traction

    Customizable traction

    A patented interchangeable outsole system lets you adjust your traction to suit the conditions.

  • Waterproof


    Waterproof construction includes waterproof/breathable bootie, waterproof leather, webbing, and stitching keeping the foot bone dry.

  • Insulation


    Most Korkers outdoor boots feature 3M Thinsulate insulation for extra warmth during cold winter days.

On your first pair of Korkers accessory soles. Choose from a selection of studded options, designed for ice fishing, hiking, work and more. Learn more:

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Rock Solid Guarantee

Korkers Rock Solid Guarantee. Rest assured, this product is made to last no matter where your next adventure may take you.

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