New River Ops™ River Ops™

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Terror Ridge™ Terror Ridge™

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Devil's Canyon™ Devil's Canyon™

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Darkhorse™ Darkhorse™

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Women's Darkhorse™ Women's Darkhorse™

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BuckSkin Mary™ BuckSkin Mary™

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BuckSkin™ BuckSkin™

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Greenback™ Greenback™

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Limited Availability Casttrax™ Casttrax™

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Limited Availability Rocktrax Plus™ Rocktrax Plus™

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Rocktrax™ Rocktrax™

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Kling-On® Sticky Sole Kling-On® Sticky Sole

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Studded Kling-On® Sole Studded Kling-On® Sole

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Felt Sole Felt Sole

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Studded Felt Sole Studded Felt Sole

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Vibram® XS TREK™ Sole Vibram® XS TREK™ Sole

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Limited Availability Mack's Canyon Wader Bag™ Mack's Canyon Wader Bag™

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Limited Availability Savier Sole Bag™ Savier Sole Bag™

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Korkers Wading Boots Include 2 pairs of Omnitrax soles

Sole Package 1

Felt Sole

Ideal for slippery aquatic environments where felt is allowed and studs aren’t an option.

Qty 1 Pair

Kling-on® Sticky Sole

Ideal for use on land, in boats, and in less demanding wet wading conditions.

Qty 1 Pair

Sole Package 2

Studded Kling-on® Sole

Ideal for extremely slippery aquatic environments where felt is not an option.

Qty 1 Pair

Kling-on® Sticky Sole

Ideal for use on land, in boats, and in less demanding wet wading conditions.

Qty 1 Pair

Korkers Outdoor Boots Include 2 pairs of Omnitrax outsoles

Included soles


SnowTrac Winter Rubber Lug sole grips equally well in wet or dry conditions. Perfect for trail adventures in winter conditions or situations requiring transitions between indoors and outdoors.

Qty 1 Pair


IceTrac Studded Rubber Lug sole grips snow and ice while hiking, snowmobiling, or working outdoors.

Qty 1 Pair


Dial in the perfect fit

Featured on select Korkers products;
The Boa® Fit system wraps from
all angles to create a fluid, form-fit.

Korkers Wading Boots Feature

  • Customizable


    A patented interchangeable outsole system lets you adjust your traction on the fly to suit the terrain.

  • Traction


    A proprietary high friction rubber designed to excel in and out of the water for when felt is not an option.

  • Internal Drainage

    Internal Drainage

    Water flows thru internal channels, then out midsole ports, removing excess water and weight.

  • Fast Drying

    Fast Drying

    Hydrophobic materials for fast drying to increase comfort and reduce the spread of invasive species.

Korkers Outdoor
Boots Features

  • Customizable traction

    Customizable traction

    A patented interchangeable outsole system lets you adjust your traction to suit the conditions.

  • 100% Waterproof

    100% Waterproof

    Waterproof construction includes waterproof/breathable bootie, waterproof leather, webbing, and stitching keeping the foot bone dry.

  • Insulation


    Most Korkers outdoor boots feature 3M Thinsulate insulation for extra warmth during cold winter days.

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Note: Fishing soles come in whole sizes only and are unisex. The sole of your boot must match the size of your Korkers wading boot to function properly (e.g. Men’s Size 10 Boot = Size 10 Sole, Women’s Size 10 Boot = Size 10 Sole). Boot sizing can be found on the inside tongue label or on the original Korkers boot box or sole box.

Customizable traction

"I always thought wading in Freestone Rivers in Colorado is a skill set that can never truly be mastered. You had to either choose between walking and hopefully not swimming, or standing and fishing, but not both at the same time. Well, I was wrong. With the combinations provided in the Triple Threat, I can finally walk without fear AND fish at the same time."

Andy Leister - Vail Valley Anglers

Triple Threat

"I love steelheading the NW and one thing I believe helps you catch more steelhead is good traction. Throughout the year, I fish with a whitwater raft, jet sled, and in drift boats in vastly different drainages. This requires a versatile wading boot. Korkers Triple Threat Carbide Soles allow me to navigate slick Deschutes river rocks, while the felt soles allow me to use my inflatable rafts without worry."

Rob Crandall - Water Time Outfitters, Inc.

Fishing Soles

Customize your traction on the fly with the most
design options to choose from in the industry.

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Outdoor Soles

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Rock Solid Guarantee

Korkers Rock Solid Guarantee. Rest assured, this product is made to last no matter where your next adventure may take you.

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