Omnitrax® Sole System

This innovative technology was created with 3 simple design criteria in mind: ease of use, reliability, and durability. Hundreds of hours of field testing have resulted in a design that is absolutely reliable. All Omnitrax® soles are constructed of the highest quality materials, and are fully covered by our Rock Solid Guarantee. 

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Customize your traction on the fly with the most
design options to choose from in the industry.

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Why choose the
Korkers interchangeable
sole system?

  • Customizable traction

    Customizable traction

    From slimy river rocks and wet wood, to the dry dirt trail that got you there. One pair of Korkers boots can do it all.

  • No tool change

    No tool change

    Simply insert the toe clips on the sole into the boot, secure the heal strap, and step down. Gravity will do the rest.

  • Invasive species

    Invasive species

    When used properly, swapable soles reduces the risk of spreading invasive species.

  • Guaranteed Durability

    Guaranteed Durability

    All Korkers Omnitrax Soles are backed by our Rock Solid Guarantee.

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Rock Solid Guarantee

Korkers Rock Solid Guarantee. Rest assured, this product is made to last no matter where your next adventure may take you.

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