“TWO SEASONS IN AND KORKERS HAVE QUICKLY BECOME MY GO-TO WINTER BOOT OF CHOICE. It’s hard to find a boot that combines on-demand traction versatility, warmth, durability and dryness with mobility and comfort. Korkers POLAR VORTEX feels like an athletic shoe but is built to take on the toughest conditions we encounter on the ice and beyond.”

- Jason Mitchell (TV Host & Ice Fishing Pro)

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We build warm, waterproof, and comfortable boots with a heck of a grip. With our Omnitrax sole system, you can throw on carbide cleats in a moments notice to get that traction while pulling your sled. 7 layers stand between you and the ice so you can do less complaining about your feet and more fishing up a storm.
Men's Neo Arctic™ Men's Neo Arctic™

Starting at $199.99

Women's Neo Arctic™ Women's Neo Arctic™

Starting at $199.99

Neo Storm™ Neo Storm™

Starting at $179.99


Starting at $59.99

Polar Vortex 1200™ Polar Vortex 1200™

Starting at $239.99

Polar Vortex 600™ Polar Vortex 600™

Starting at $229.99

IceTrac™ Sole IceTrac™ Sole

Starting at $59.99

Studded TrailTrac Sole™ Studded TrailTrac Sole™

Starting at $59.99

New Women's Polar Vortex 1200™ Women's Polar Vortex 1200™

Starting at $239.99

Neo Storm™ Camo Neo Storm™ Camo

Starting at $189.99

You heard it here.

  • Conservation Officer

    Conservation Officer

    “Awesome boots for general winter wear, snowmobiling, ice fishing, or pretty much anything. On my third season with the 600 and going to add a pair of 1200s just to have the option when I know I'm going to be outside in extreme cold for long periods. Highly recommended!”

    - Jake W. (Polar Vortex 600)

  • Beyond Expectations!

    Beyond Expectations!

    “I picked up a pair of Polar Vortex 1200's to initially use for coyote hunting in extreme cold/icy conditions. They work great for that, but I was surprised at just how good they were for ice fishing or fishing along icy creek/river banks as well. These boots are the bomb! My only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner!!! I 100% recommend these boots!”

    - Troy A. (Polar Vortex 1200)

  • Awesome!


    “I use these boots for snowshoeing in all temperatures (-10F to 35F). My feet stay warm and comfy. I have hiked 10-12 miles with no hotspots and no blisters. I absolutely love the BOA system. Thanks Korkers for making these boots!”

    - B.K. (Polar Vortex 600)

Rock Solid Guarantee

Korkers Rock Solid Guarantee. Rest assured, this product is made to last no matter where your next adventure may take you.

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